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Wall(After Kathryn Andrews and Philip Lumbang)

Cinder blocks, latex paint, wood, silicone caulk (Kathryn Andrews-Friends and Lovers from Teen Paranormal Romance at the Renaissance Society Chicago,IL March 9, 2014-April 2014, Philip Lumbang-Bear Graffiti, ongoing Los Angeles, CA)

Remnants of Kathryn Andrews' appropriation of the Los Angeles graffiti artist Philip Lumbang. These remnants were collected from the discard of the Teen Paranormal Romance exhibition at the Renaissance Society in Chicago on April 27, 2014. Andrews' installation 'Friends and Lovers' was featured in this first installment of the exhibition at the Renaissance Society with subsequent installations at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center October 25, 2014-January 17, 2015 and the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara April 19,2015-July 5, 2015 and a preceding installation in the exhibition “Support Group” at Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles, CA May 29, 2010-June 26, 2010.

Rubble reassembled into wall with graffiti bear face black paint on white cinderblocks
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